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100,000 years dreaming (2014)
十万年を夢見る (2014)

This is a durational performance installation that invokes the importance of the live-ness of the performer by standing still in silence for the entire duration of 2 hours. It is a reference to the people working at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant for 24/7, without which our world will have a catastrophic effect.
The work is about imagining the far future of our technological advancement and our sense of time reaching that span - dreaming of the future beyond our time. Through 100,000 years dreaming I attempt to silently talk about the current state of human life and the life beyond its existence by featuring the images from some devastated towns in Fukushima after the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, which I took in August 2014.


concept / performance / video: Tashi Iwaoka


Watch video on Vimeo




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