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unit-Y [ever in progress]: Bloody World Theory  (2007)

It is a duet made as a DasArts Final Project.

unit-Y [ever in progress] started in 2006 as the continuation of my research on ‘just being one self’ that had begun with a short project; day to day dream in Leipzig, 2002. In 2006 I relaunched the same research as my DasArts Individual Trajectory [IT] with three people (Aitana Cordero, Ben Büchenbacher and Violetta Perra) with a new focus on ‘none directing’ as a means of investigation in a structure of hierarchy, as ethics (in power structure) was a main issue in day to day dream. This focus in the end resulted in myself being bitterly realised the necessity of my directorship. Through my IT the concept of ‘just being one self’ was refined and became what I then called ‘the real’.


Following the IT, my DasArts Final Project took an approach to create a performance under a certain theme as a new start with the idea of ‘the real’.The theme was ‘fight’ questioning how to stop fighting or how to utilise our aggression ‘properly’ to not destruct. The initial objective of this project was to find an alternative form/expression for our aggression other than violence. However, through the devising process the focus was shifted toward my concerns about our possible future by the political mood triggered by North Korea’s nuclear test in the previous year. Then the question 'How to stop fighting?' became 'Are we going to repeat history?' and the result was the two hour performance piece that repeats 50 min performance twice with an intermission in the middle.


I could say this performance is an achievement in my art/performance practice since 1997. unit-Y [ever in progress]: Bloody World Theory is a first phase of unit-Y [ever in progress] project. (In April 2009 the second and final phase took place - WBIR which the performers took their own initiatives to create a new piece using whatever from Bloody World Theory.)


In The Art of War by Sun Tzu it says ‘the true object of war is peace.’ And I would say ‘if only the true object of war was peace.’ We cannot live without having any fights at all, but then how should we, you and I (and the rest of ‘we’) co-exist?'


Idea, texts and direction: Tashi Iwaoka

Realisation: Aitana Cordero and Daniel Almgren-Recén

Advice: Barbara Van Lindt and Pieter T'Jonck

Text advise: Noha Ramadan

Duration: approx 2 hours

Music: Accordeonorkest Jan Gorissen, Doris Day, Lali Puna, Michael Jackson, The KLF, Tsukimono and a sample from the film ‘Casshern’

Stage design supported by William Wilson

Production: Das Arts



Watch video on Vimeo

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