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Tatsumura method finger yoga is developed by Osamu Tatsumura.
Mr Tastumura is a master teacher of Okido Yoga who learnt from Masahiro Oki, the pioneer of Okido Yoga. After 30 years of his yoga experience he has established this method for the finger yoga which the introduction session offers.


Tatsumura method finger yoga is good for busy people who has no time for a proper yoga session or people with injuries who can’t perform properly the poses or who think themselves not fit enough to practice yoga postures, or indeed anybody who is keen on keeping your condition in a good shape. It is very easy and doesn’t need a yoga mat.

Through finger yoga one can get many benefits like relaxing, mental-body balancing, or even stretching effects just by working on your fingers and hands!

Iwaoka has been granted the official certificate of Tatsumura method finger yoga instractor in summer 2014 and currently he is one of a few certified Tatsumura method finger yoga instractors in Europe.

NOTE: Please have you nails cut and also avoid having food from 1 hour before the session.

If you are interested in organising a finger yoga workshop with Iwaoka, please send an e-mail to info.karada [at]







注意事項: 指ヨガ講習へは爪を短く切ってお越しください。尚、講習開始1時間前からのお食事はお控え下さい。


又、岩岡傑による龍村式指ヨガ講習を開きたい方は info.karada [at] gmail.comまでご連絡ください。

Tatsumura Method Finger Yoga (龍村式指ヨガ)

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