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making me disappear (2005)


This work was my first project took place in DasArts.

I asked a Polish visual artist, Joanna Gruzlewska to conduct collaboration with me. The basic idea of this collaboration was to offer myself for her proposal. She brought the idea to work in a chosen space in the DasArts building following her interest in 'architectural space' and visual interaction of bodies in the space.

She and I soon found a common ground and worked together to make me disappear. Our aim became showing a ‘clear effort of trying to disappear and its failure’ - so, in fact, it makes me appear by its effort, of course, with a touch of sense of humour.


At some point DasArts told us that the room she had chosen would be renovated before the presentation. So, we were forced to change our original plan and she came up with the idea to work with different costumes in different locations outside of the building.


For the presentation it took a form of performance that the images taken from outside of the DasArts building were shown as a screen saver on a computer in the computer room where Joanna and I were sitting in front of it and explained our process to the public. At the same time the public could search for 9 images hidden in the building with a torch following the clues given by us.


Concept: Tashi Iwaoka

Ideas and realisation: Joanna Gruzlewska and Tashi Iwaoka

Photography: Joanna Gruzlewska

Gruzlewska copyright 2005

(Some images the public searched for in the building)

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