Tuesday workshop series Towards concord/discord on 5 and 12 May

Bodlabot // 19:30
Tuesday Workshop Series "Towards concord/discord "

Style/type: Tuesday Workshop Series "Towards concord/discord "
Instructor: Tashi Iwaoka
Entrance: E10 for 1 day E15 for 2 days

Towards concord/discord led by Tashi Iwaoka.
In this workshop, Tashi continues working on his fascination with chaos. Together with the participants, Tashi undertakes the study of composing a chaotic state in time and space - as a flow of invincible force of the universe where we are all in and of. As the foundation to build a chaotic state, we create a state of unison. Once we learn to tune into each other, we gradually decompose the unison.
‘To be a nonconformist, once you need to become a conformist.’  were the words of Joseph Beuys?

Tashi Iwaoka  Register: tashi.iwaoka@gmail.com

Max 10 people per class  / Cash on arrival  / €10 per day / €15 for two Tuesdays days.

Workshop/Lab concord/discord on 12 August as part of Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2020

Tashi is going to guide the wrokshop/lab in the Improvisation Summer Course Amsterdam 2020.

More info click HERE.

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