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Please take care of my death (2005)


This work was made originally for an internal presentation during my DasArts study.

As I had to be absent from a compulsory presentation, I came up with an idea that fit my strong interest in death at that time, which was to leave the prepared materials to my friend Ben Buchenbacher to be completed and he would present the piece as if I had died. Following the concept that the work was made after my death, I did not have any words on Buchenbacher’s editing.


This concept was prompted by Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s book ‘The visible and the invisible’ that was posthumously edited by Claude Lefort and published.

The guidance I had given to Buchenbacher was ‘he could edit whatever way he wants with the materials - with his regards to my life as he knew it.’ The result of this experiment is an abstract (semi-)autobiography of myself up to that point of my life.

The authorship of this work is held by Ben Buchenbacher.


Concept / pre-editing : Tashi Iwaoka
Direction / editing : Ben Buchenbacher
Created with the support from Jan Mech, Joanna Gruzlewska and DasArts



Watch video on Vimeo

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