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Session schedule / セッションの予定


Place: BodLabOT studio
Address: Overtoom 301 (1st floor)
Date: 3 June 2017
Time: 11:00 - 12:45h
Cost: €15
Registration: via e-mail at
(the bank details will be sent to you in return, and your payment will be the confirmation of your registration)

Tatsumura method finger yoga is developed by Osamu Tatsumura. Mr Tastumura is a master teacher of Okido Yoga who learnt directly from Masahiro Oki, the pioneer of Okido Yoga.
After 30 years of his yoga experience he has established this method for the finger yoga which Iwaoka offers you in the session.

Tatsumura method finger yoga is good for busy people who has no time for a proper yoga session or people with injuries who can’t perform properly the poses or who think themselves not fit enough to practice yoga postures, or indeed anybody who is keen on keeping your condition in a good shape. It is very easy and doesn’t need a yoga mat, and you can practice it anywhere like in a train, bus, tram or at your working desk as well!
Through finger yoga you can get many benefits like relaxing, mental-body balancing, or even stretching effects just by working on your fingers and hands!

Iwaoka has been licenced to promote Tatsumura method finger yoga as an official instractor since summer 2014 and currently he is one of a few certified Tatsumura method finger yoga instractors in Europe.

NOTE: Please have you nails cut and also avoid having food from 1 hour before the session.


場所: BobLabOT studio
住所: Overtoom 301 (1stフロアー)
日時: 2017年6月3日 11時00分〜12時45分
料金: 15ユーロ
講師: 岩岡傑 (手のひらセルフケア協会公認インストラクター
申し込み: にEメールでお申し込み下さい。追って口座振り込みの詳細をお送りいたします。


注意事項: 当日は爪を短く切ってお越しください。尚、セッション開始1時間前からのお食事はお控え下さい。


•  個人訪問セッション、ワークショップ開催をご希望の方は info.karada [at] までメールにてご連絡ください。

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