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Shasin Siko (2011)

捨身飼虎 (2011)


Shasin siko is a movement/dance improvisation combining my Budo and performance practices for being in the moment with the fullest and deepest awareness of the whole surrounding, as well as a ritual for one’s spiritual growth and making others’ lives fuller.

‘Shasinsiko’ is the name of a picture that tells the tale of Buddha that one of Buddha’s early lives was a prince who threw himself off from a cliff to give his life to feed a starving mother tiger that was about to eat her cubs and saved them.
Inspired by the tale, the solo is conceived as an act of charitableness, and sincere human acts, to give the others energy to live life in these troubled times. As a Budo practitioner, I take this solo as a practice for the state of ‘sutemi’ which means ‘act upon something by putting his/her life at stake to achieve one’s goal’.

There is no music or props to support the piece and it is a dead-or-alive improvisation, focused on facing the moment that the only things I have got for this improvisation are the live situation and myself.

concept / performance : Tashi Iwaoka

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