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Workshop – ‘battles for funny games’ at Movement Academy OT301


Date: 14 June 2015

Time: 13:00 - 17:00h

Place: BodLabOT studio (Overtoom 301, 1054HW, Amsterdam)

Price: €30
Register: or by sms: 0650 99 8032



This one day workshop is focused on working on rhythms of the space and people. This is inspired by the words of Musashi Miyamoto, the great Japanese sword master who wrote The Book of Five Rings. In his book he talks about the rhythms or tempo of the space and the relationship between people, in order to win or not to lose the battle.
Iwaoka finds a tight link to dance and performance in what this great sword master says and sees there is a key element to be able to read these rhythms that is to face your own ego and let go of it - 'You' are not the central generator of the rhythms but rather a part of them and create resonance or feed back. Iwaoka's main
interest in this is 'how much we can be in control of them while we are sort of letting it go'. It's a battle between space, others and your own ego. Yet, this battle is not fought to win but not to lose... 


Together with body conditioning exercise to prepare ourselves, we explore this rhythms or tempo in space and between the people around you, aiming to create a ‘funny space’ – more of the strange than the comical, which Iwaoka conceives it as a poetic entity.

Being playful, supported by a great concentration is a key to this.

No professional experience is required. It’s suitable for people who are interested in exploring your bodily experiences and activating your sense of surroundings to be seriously or deadly playful.


The workshop is led towards a public presentation on 28 June in OT301.


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