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concept / performance: Tashi Iwaoka

THEATREE [pronounced like employee or interviewee, not ‘thea-tree’] is a solo performance about life as art or art as life, while touching the frame work of our consciousness that is related to and formed by economic realities around us.

THEATREE is a scored improvisation.
It evolves from a set sound-score to study the liveness of performing by having a certain direction of the performance, yet, attempting to find a different journey through the piece each time performed.

In THEATREE I play with having a life contract with ‘THEATRE’ to perform.
It is my questioning for the definitions of life, art, their reality and - to some extent - happiness.

I do not separate cycling for food delivery and working in a studio as two different realities for my work. All aspects of life are for my work. Yet, my life is not my work. (Or is it? Or should it?)
In my opinion, there is a distinction between real life and performing on stage although it may not be always clear. Having said that, I would like to bring these realities closer and possibly nearly merging them into yet-another reality.

What is the poetry of everyday life?
What is the beauty in the limitations of one’s perspective on life?


THEATREE is a perpetual attempt and process of making it real, while it is staged or being staged in the moment, together with and for the audience.

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